Mission Statement

Clementine Montessori School (CMS) nurtures children to become confident, capable contributors in a diverse and ever-changing world. Founded in the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, we inspire children to explore the world, appreciate differences, and embrace challenges. We recognize the uniqueness of each child, seek out the opportunities of our urban setting, and cultivate independence, social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and global citizenship.

Board of Trustees

Guided by Clementine Montessori’s mission statement, our Board of Trustees manages all fiscal responsibilities and strategically plans for the future of the school.

Chair: Reynelle Staley (current parent)
Vice-Chair: Helen Horstmann-Allen (current parent)
Treasurer: Katie Guzinski (current parent)
Yael Futer (current parent)
Megan Ryerson (current parent)
Jamie Lee (current parent)
Hannah Holena (current parent)
Rick Coscia (current parent)
Stephen Giorgio (community member)
Dan Woods (community member)
Marlene Lally, ex officio (Head of School)

Strategic Plan

A key role of the Board of Trustees is to help assure that Clementine Montessori School (CMS) continues to provide an excellent education and remain a school of choice for faculty and students.

Beginning early in the 2013-14 year and continuing into the fall of 2014, our Strategic Planning Committees solicited input from all of the school’s constituencies–families and friends of the school (both current and alumni), faculty, staff, and administration. Based on this input, each of the committees drafted a section of the new Strategic Plan to take us into 2017. The Strategic Plan was passed at the Board’s December 2014 meeting. CMS and the Board remain committed to this Strategic Plan.

This Strategic Plan will ensure that CMS continues to be financially stable and forward-looking, with decisions about program enhancements made thoughtfully and in the best interests of children. In addition, the Strategic Plan provides the vision for a comprehensive Montessori educational program within and beyond our current location and facilities. It is both a “road map” for providing direction, and a framework for providing accountability that will be revisited annually.

Please click below to review a synopsis of our current Strategic Plan:

Clementine Montessori School’s Strategic Plan 2014-2017 Executive Summary