Clarissa Eck

img_1964-819x1024-copyBefore joining us at Clementine, Clarissa studied graphic design and illustration at Pratt Institute, where she graduated with honors. Her professional work at the intersection of visual arts, holistic living and social justice has led her down the path of alternative education. With a passion for community building, genuine self-motivated learning, and nonviolent communication, Clarissa sees the Montessori classroom as an ideal setting for children to grow and self-discover, and is honored to be by their side to guide them along.

Clarissa has worked for five years in many capacities as an art educator, school administrator, graphic designer, and freelance illustrator. She spent the past school year working at Maker Jawn, a STEAM-based education program in the libraries of North Philadelphia. Maker Jawn offers mentorship and resources to inner city youth to learn STEAM through experimentation, hands-on practice, and trial and error tinkering. Projects like creating wind-powered cars, music-making magic markers, DIY solar ovens and light-up circuit comics are all in her realm of expertise. Clarissa is excited to bring a Maker focus to Clementine’s after school program all while employing the Montessori method!

In addition to teaching, Clarissa loves making art, knitting, autumn weather, nectarines, ducklings, the smell of campfires, and riding her bike. She lives with her partner of 4 years and a collection of plants in Center City, Philadelphia.