After a busy morning of “work,” Clementine kids wind down in our afternoon Extended Day program. After time outdoors, the children return upstairs, wash up, and serve themselves a yummy snack. Eating together family-style allows them to recap and chat about their days or even listen to relaxing music. Each year we offer a fresh variety of clubs. While the most coveted clubs (like cooking!), tend to show up every year, we draw from our own staff talent and follow the interests of the children to determine our other offerings. Past years have included Architecture Club, and Art Club. Each year we have a new mix of activities. Here are some of the clubs we have offered in the past:

Yoga Club with Amy

Clementine’s yogis release energy, explore their bodies, and have some plain old fun!  Each class begins with a read-aloud, then the children interpret the story using their bodies, taking a “fresh” perspective on traditional yoga poses. The kids use games, music, and storytelling as they breathe, stretch, and nourish a sense of well-being, inside and out.

Yoga with Nora

Nature Club with Charley

Outdoor exploration helps to instill in your child a love, respect, and lasting appreciation for our natural world.  With Charley as their guide, our students explore weekly topics through a variety of hands-on learning activities including indoor and outdoor gardening, earth science and physical science investigations, nature crafts, animal care and studies, and creative arts.


S.T.E.A.M. Club with Ms. Clarissa

Our new STEAM Club, transforms the Clementine classroom into a “Makerspace,” an environment dedicated to project-based learning through making and tinkering with materials and tools.  Clementine Makers delve into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) projects, but also teach problem-solving, resilience, and collaboration.


Music Makers Club with Ms. Anna

Led by Enchanted Music Together Director, Ms. Anna, this club nurtures each child’s natural music potential.  Music Makers features a blend of songs, rhythmic chants, finger plays, movement activities, and instrumental jams.  The children learn and explore through musical activities such as vocal play, animal sounds, rhythmic exercises, and a good bit of genuine, silly fun.


Cooking Club with Ms. Maryann

We’re cooking up a storm—mixing, mashing, measuring, and making mouthfuls of yummy snacks!  Children naturally love cooking and are more likely to sample new foods if they’ve had a hand in preparing them.  Our chefs prepare and taste salads, smoothies, dips, and sweet treats, using food as a way to explore new textures and flavors.  And as the children enjoy their freshly made snacks, they also practice gracious table manners (of course!).