Anjuman Hussain

Co-Lead Teacher

Anjuman has a degree in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelors of Education from University of Punjab, Pakistan.  Anjuman has taught for ten years and has worn many hats during her career from a lead teacher, kindergarten teacher, event organizer to a summer camp director. She has thoroughly enjoyed all the opportunities that have been given to her. She loves her job and believes in the power of Montessori education and her goal is to help her students reach their full potential.

When Anjuman is not teaching, she enjoys exploring the outdoors with her husband. Hiking, biking, camping…. anything that gets them out enjoying the wonderful Pennsylvania weather. She enjoys traveling and has been fortunate enough to visit many foreign countries. It is this love of travel and learning about diverse cultures that led Anjuman to earn Montessori credentials.

Grace Kamfonas

Co-Lead Teacher


Grace grew up in Devon, Pennsylvania. She began playing piano at the age of four and this passion led her to complete a Bachelors of Arts in Music from Ithaca College. For over seven years, she has taught piano to students of all ages and has especially enjoyed teaching young children. Grace has also worked as a Montessori Assistant and during that time she became deeply inspired by the Montessori philosophy. She will be graduating in December with her Masters of Early Childhood Education with Montessori Certificate from Chestnut Hill College. Grace is extremely excited to start teaching at Clementine Montessori School as a Co-Lead with Anjuman Hussain this coming year. In addition to teaching, Grace enjoys being in nature, coming together with friends, and walking in her neighborhood with her husband and Labrador Retriever named Amos.