After a busy morning of “work,” Clementine kids wind down in our afternoon Extended Day program. After time outdoors, the children return upstairs, wash up, and serve themselves a yummy snack. Eating together family-style allows them to recap and chat about their days or even listen to relaxing music. Each year we offer a fresh variety of clubs. While the most coveted clubs (like cooking!), tend to show up every year, we draw from our own staff talent and follow the interests of the children to determine our other offerings. Past years have included Architecture Club, and Art Club. Each year we have a new mix of activities. Here’s our lineup of clubs for the 2018-2019 school year.

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Spreading mulch in the garden-1
Spreading mulch in the garden

Using our garden as a stepping off point, we discuss and interact with nature found here in our very own city! From looking in the dirt for creatures, to watching our winter vegetables grow, we are taking time to enjoy the wonders of nature. This winter we will be focusing on what we as humans can do to help those animals in our garden’s wildlife habitat survive and thrive during the winter.

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For this club, we focus on a rather big topic: citizenship. In addition to talking about what it means to be a citizen, we put our role into action by getting to know more people and places in our local community. Focusing on our immediate neighborhood, we will be partnering with various organizations and learning more about them. By engaging with the community in this way, we hope to apply many of the principles we learn at school to the wider world such as being helpers, sharing space, and making friends!

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While art is integral in our classrooms and programs, we also offer art enrichment so that children can have even more time to create and explore through artwork. Lily, our Artist in Residence, will be with us Wednesday afternoon in either Casa or Kindergarten and also joining our extended day children. Lily is also creating “art on a tray” that will be available on the shelves in each classroom so that all children can participate in the art projects each week


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IMG_5383Led by Enchanted Music Together Director, Ms. Anna, this club nurtures each child’s natural music potential.  As an extension of the morning music program, Ms. Anna gives the club kids time for further exploration and creative participation in a controlled playful setting in which all the children explore different rhythms, meters and tonalities.  Some familiar songs from the morning program will be included to support movement and singing. Club also provides the time and space to explore different movements and expand on knowledge the children already have.

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On Thursdays, every student in Extended Day takes turns helping to prepare our cooking project. We are all enjoying this opportunity to create a snack for the whole group! The menu changes with the seasons and reflects both the availability of fresh ingredients and the culinary requests from our young chefs. Some delicious examples of our cooking so far this year are banana bread, apple crisp, mini pizzas and apple turnovers. Weather permitting, we take our “home”-cooked snack outside to enjoy picnic-style in the courtyard.