Music Together

Welogo-for-school-swislogo are please to have a partnership with Music Together for both our Extended Day program through Clementine’s Music Maker’s Club and in each classroom one morning per week.

As part of the Music Together® curriculum, Music Together specialists teach weekly music and movement classes in early learning settings in cooperation with classroom teachers. Classroom teachers then follow through on the weekly sessions, adapting activities to their curriculum needs and interests. Recordings, songbooks, and teaching materials are provided to each classroom and family. Children “bring the music home” for parent-child music play, sharing the songs and activities learned in school.

The Music Together curriculum provides children with the opportunity to learn music in developmentally appropriate ways; supports their cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development, enhances the classroom experience, gives parents enjoyable and significant ways to nurture their children’s development and enhances happiness and well-being in the school community.

We are delighted that Señora Toni Rosen returned to Clementine this year to offer Spanish lessons in the afternoon. Señora Rosen joins the Casa and Kindergarten students on Mondays for about 30 minutes each. Her class is based on vocabulary units such as numbers, colors, shapes, animals, days of the week, parts of the body, the alphabet, etc.  Each unit is initially taught with visual aids and then reinforced with games, songs, dancing, stories and repetition.  Every class begins with a few minutes of conversation and a review of material previously learned to give the children confidence before a new concept is introduced.  The fast pace of each session keeps the children focused and having fun.